public tor proxy

This is a public SOCKS5 Tor-Proxy. Traffic using this proxy will be routed through the Tor-Network in a typical 3-node configuration.
Please note that SOCKS5 is an unencrypted protocol and all traffic from your device to this public endpoint will be sent as plaintext over the internet. As long as your traffic isn't HTTPS encrypted or otherwise secured, it should be trated as potentially exposed. If you want to use Tor for it's anonymity and privacy features then please setup your own local proxy or use the Tor-Browser.
This proxy is only inteded for situations where you can't install tor on your system or network

How to connect

You can connect to this proxy via "" (9100 being the port)


Tor is a network and this proxy merely provides access to it. I do not own or host any content you can access by using this proxy. Traffic going through this relay will be sent via the default 3-node-configuration and exits at the last of these nodes into the clearnet, so your external IP will not be this server's IP.
This proxy is also provided without any warrenty or claim of stability, it might go down at any time without prior notice.


As stated, SOCKS5 is unencrypted so your traffic should be considered public, like if you were using a public unencrypted WiFi-Hotspot. Nevertheless, this proxy does not collect or sell your data, it uses the default tor configuration which scrubbs any client IPs and destinations from the logs.

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